Let’s Create a Food and Grocery Ordering App Like Talabat

Mar 23, 2022
Let’s Create a Food and Grocery Ordering App Like Talabat

With the pandemic still not over yet, it is always a better idea to order your favorite food from the comfort and safety of your home and premises. Therefore, undoubtedly given the need of the hour and restrictions imposed recently, ordering food has become a new party ritual. Be it on weekends or a home party, ordering food comes easy. Also, you can never run wrong by ordering your delectable pie of pizza from your most loved café. With so much to order on a daily basis, it would be no wrong to say that the food delivery sector is brimming with new potential of attaining new heights. Now the question arises that how can a slick and efficient mobile app can have it all to offer by skillfully bursting the right bubble in loop?

    What Does Talabat Offer Differently & How Does It Fit Perfectly In The Food Business?

    Started in the middle east, Talabat has now become one of the most trusted and preferred food delivery app service after Uber Eats and Zomato. The reason for it gaining instant popularity and carze amongst its customer base is simple:

  1. It brings exclusivity

  2. Comes with a strong and clear signing up policy for collaborating with restaurants (only with those who does not partner with other food delivery apps like Uber Eats and deliveroo)

  3. Offers on demand restaurants and food outlets listings, exclusive partnership for a better and facilitated food delivery.

    What Does It Bring On the Table & How?

  1. Talabat works by partnering up with restaurants and registering them on the platform as delivery partners.

  2. The customers are requested to sign up on the app from their devices, register themselves and then they can search and order from their selected restaurant in the list.

  3. When the restaurant receives the order, it starts preparing and then packaging the ordered meal/

  4. The restaurant gives the order to the assigned delivery agent and he/she delivers it on the customer requested location.

  5. The customers will get notifications about offers and discounts and regular updates from their food delivery app in the mobile.

    Key Activities On Its Performance:

  • Takes online orders from registered customers on the app

  • Hires delivery persons and assigns them delivery locations accordingly

  • Manages logistics and other compliances in order to process smooth transactions and delivering orders

  • It also collects and stores restaurant information

  • Create and manage the whole process of food delivering.