Combating Counterfeit Products with True Value Infosoft’s QR Code Solution

July 09, 2024
Combating Counterfeit Products with True Value Infosoft’s QR Code Solution

Combating Counterfeit Products with True Value Infosoft’s QR Code Solution

In today’s global marketplace, the proliferation of counterfeit products poses a significant challenge for companies. Fake products not only damage brand reputation but also lead to financial losses and pose potential risks to consumers. True Value Infosoft has developed an innovative solution to address this issue—our QR Code Scan App, designed to help companies verify product authenticity and engage with their customers.

Understanding the Counterfeit Problem

Counterfeit products are imitations of genuine items, often produced with inferior materials and craftsmanship. These products can infiltrate various industries, including electronics, fashion, pharmaceuticals, and more. Companies face immense pressure to protect their intellectual property and ensure that their customers receive only genuine products.

Introducing True Value Infosoft’s QR Code Solution

True Value Infosoft has created a powerful tool to combat counterfeit products. Our QR Code Scan App allows companies to embed unique QR codes on their products. When a customer scans the QR code using our app, they can instantly verify the product’s authenticity. This simple yet effective solution not only protects brands but also builds trust with consumers.

How It Works

  • Unique QR Codes: Each product is assigned a unique QR code generated by True Value Infosoft’s system. This code contains specific information about the product, including its origin, manufacturing details, and batch number.

  • Customer Scanning: Customers download the True Value Infosoft app on their smartphones. When they purchase a product, they can scan the QR code using the app.

  • Instant Verification: The app immediately verifies the product’s authenticity by cross-referencing the QR code with the information stored in our secure database. If the product is genuine, the customer receives a confirmation message.

  • Reward Points: To encourage customer participation, True Value Infosoft’s app offers reward points for each scan. Customers can accumulate points and redeem them for various rewards, enhancing their shopping experience and fostering brand loyalty.

Benefits of Using the QR Code Scan App

  • Enhanced Brand Protection: By ensuring that only genuine products reach customers, companies can safeguard their brand reputation and maintain consumer trust.

  • Customer Engagement: The reward points system incentivizes customers to verify product authenticity, increasing their engagement with the brand.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Companies can track and monitor product scans in real-time, gaining valuable insights into their distribution channels and identifying potential counterfeit hotspots.

  • Cost-Effective: Implementing the QR code system is a cost-effective way to combat counterfeiting compared to traditional methods like holograms or special inks.

Success Stories

Several companies have already seen significant benefits from using True Value Infosoft’s QR Code Scan App. For example, a leading electronics manufacturer reported a 30% reduction in counterfeit incidents within the first six months of implementation. Similarly, a pharmaceutical company saw a marked increase in customer trust and satisfaction.


Counterfeit products are a persistent threat to companies across various industries. However, with True Value Infosoft’s QR Code Scan App, businesses can effectively combat this issue. By allowing customers to verify product authenticity and earn rewards, our solution not only protects brands but also enhances customer engagement. Embrace this innovative technology and take a proactive step towards a counterfeit-free market.


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