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In collaboration with us, Hero Motocorp was able to build a digital event platform that resulted in increased engagement and accessibility.




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True Value Infosoft developed a mobile app for Hero Motocorp Limited, the world's largest two-wheeler automobile company, that helped to design a mobile app for their annual sales convention to increase engagement at their events and also collect feedback from attendees. The app was designed using a combination of native and web technologies. It allowed the users to access their schedules, view event highlights, and receive push notifications.

True Value Infosoft created an app that allowed users to register for the conference through a simple onboarding process; receive notifications when it was time for each session to start; access an attendee list so they could connect with each other in real-time; access event photos from their phones; use a map location navigator in case they got lost.

It also allowed Hero Motocorp to collect feedback from users by giving them an option to rate their experience on the app, which helped them understand what needed improving in future events. This app was a success for Hero Motocorp and True Value Infosoft because it gave users a platform to connect with each other, access important information about the event in real time, and provide feedback on how they felt about their experience. The app was a huge success and Hero Motocorp is now looking into adding more features to the app in future events, such as allowing users to book rides on their bikes.

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True Value infosoft Portfollio
True Value infosoft Portfollio
True Value infosoft Portfollio
True Value infosoft Portfollio

Our Project challenges :

Limited time to understanding issue, development and deployment

As an organization, you don't have time to waste. With Agile, you can deploy software faster and iterate more quickly on your product. This means that you can get more value out of your development efforts. Need to make sure that the developers are able to understand the security implications of their work.

Fast adaptivity by attendee and engage attendees and make it easy for them to get information about the event

To run an event like this, you need to be able to quickly adapt. This means that the information needs to be easy for attendees to access and get the information that they need about the event.

Hero Motocorp Limited

App Development

"Thanks for the work. We have used this app in multiple events and we have received very good feedback. Development activities are completed to our satisfaction"

The Results

The success of this event led to many more people attending the next one and Hero Motocorp gained a lot of positive press from it.


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5 rating

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