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AgriBolo is an Agriculture app for the farming community. The Agri app which is driven by the vision of bringing together the complete farming community on a digital platform has been created for the Indian Kisan.
This farming app will benefit by providing the current mandi Bhaav/prices to the Kisaan (Kisan), Weather /Mausam forecast, agriculture (agri) knowledge/advisory, horticulture and will also provide a one-stop platform for Agribusiness and Agro solutions. Plus, farmers will be able to acquire all news related to agriculture, Government schemes, e-mandi and chaupal (community) through this app.
This Agriculture(agri) app is meant to benefit farmers and is available in two languages- Hindi and English. To use it in the preferred language, the user has to select the language of choice.
Contents of the App:
1. Mandi( Mandi Bhav, Mandi-agro price, Mandi utaar chadaav)- Latest Mandi prices of crops in specific regions are displayed on this facility. Through this facility of Agriculture(Agri) app, farmers(Kisan) can get the Arrival-Date, Arrival Quantity, Min- Price, Max- Price and Average price of the crops in a region.
2. News ( Kheti Samachar, Samachar, khabar)- This Agri app section will provide the latest local/national news related to agriculture/farming and will help them take sound e-trading and farming decisions.
3. Weather/Season (Mausam)- This section will display the current weather(Mausam, Season) conditions instantly of an area. This Agri app facility will help farmers in planning and allow them to take right actions at right time.
4. Notifications- This facility will provide farmers with new information related to application/agriculture/commodity trading etc as instant Pop Ups notifications. The best thing about this Agriculture app feature is that the Information is rendered even when the user is not active on the application.
5. Krishi Kendra(Jaankari, Info, krishi gyaan)- This is the knowledge section of the app from where the farmers will find Articles, blogs and other content tailor-made for them. The best thing about this Agri app section is that it keeps getting updated on a regular basis.
6. Kisan Mart, e-kheti( krishi dukaan,kharidi kendra, khairdari)- This facility is the complete solution for farmers because through this Kisan would be able to interact at once and can buy Agri inputs and other gamuts of products and agriculture based services with ease.
7. Services(Sevayein, Kiraya, rental)- This section will let farmers acquire rental, e-trading and seed program or other agro(Agriculture)-based services along with forward linkages (market linkages).
8. Choupal (chat, Chaupal) - Farmers get a chance to communicate with both experts and agriculture community through this Agri app section. All that a farmer needs to do is select his group and post his comment.
9. Question/Answer( sawal/jawab, prashn/uttar, expert advice, visheshagyon ki rai)- This app works like a forum where farmers can post questions related to agriculture and an expert or another user posts an answer for it.
10. Call Center/Click to Call- This facility connects Kissan(Kisaan/Krishi/farmer) with an agriculture (agri, agro, krishi, kheti) expert (visheshagya) without leaving the App. To use this facility farmers have to click the Call us Toll-free facility within the app.
AgriBolo is the modern Agriculture(Kisan/Krishi/Kheti) app and is a must have for the Farming community

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