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In this era of smartphones and mobile phones, experience of browsing the internet has completely transformed. More and more people are changing their digital media to browse websites. No longer are users dependent on desktop. They all prefer smartphones and tablets when it comes to using internet. This is one main reason because of which businesses are going for customized mobile applications to reach to their customers in a more comfortable and easier manner.

True Value Infosoft understands the changing market trends. We know the value of having a tailor made mobile application for your firm. We are aware of the boost it is going to give to your business. Mobile applications are the best way to prepare your company for the next generation challenges. Our team of developers has been developing wonderful interactive applications for different kinds of businesses to help them reach their customers in one single click and to help them sell their products with greater convenience. We promise to deliver HTML5 and hybrid mobile apps that work with perfection on all platforms.

Our mobile products concentrate on providing personalized experience to our customers by covering all the important areas of their business to make it better and more profiting. We ensure safe and secure data access to businesses from anywhere at any time. We promise to keep you ahead in this era of competition by making your business competent and smart.

Mobile Application Platforms
  • iPhone / iPad applications
  • Android applications
  • Blackberry applications
  • Windows phone application
Mobile App Solutions at True Value Infosoft

Here are some of the mobile app solutions offered by our company:

  • Cost effective solutions
  • Scalable application
  • Safe and secure mobility solutions
  • Mobile Application Development
  • End-to-end Business Apps
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Customer Relationship Management Apps
  • Enterprise and Corporate Apps
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Apps
Transform Your Idea Into Reality With True Value Infosoft

You desire to have an exceptional and unique website for your company to present the best of the face of your company to your target audience. You are keen for having a user-friendly mobile app to stay connected But how to make this happen??

With the finest mobile app development experts in Jaipur, True Value Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. offers impeccable apps that ensure amazing performance and greater engagement. Just hire mobile app development company in Jaipur and enjoy customized mobile apps the way you desire. Bring your unique idea or concept alive with these smooth functioning apps that always keep visitors engaged with ease of usage and interesting features.

Benefits of Having Mobile App

If you are still under doubt about whether to hire mobile app development company in Jaipur or not, then here are some amazing advantages of having an app:

  • Promises stronger relationships with customers
  • Apps help in greater customer engagement
  • Apps constantly remind target audience of your business, product offerings etc
  • Make communication with customers a lot easier
  • Helpful in reducing unnecessary costs on other marketing techniques
  • Offer real time access which makes the overall process faster

Mobile App Development Service

After the rapid technological advancement in recent years and affordability, the number of smartphone users and usage has increased tremendously. This opens a new marketplace for business houses as most of the users and consumers are spending their maximum time on mobile devices. Mobile Apps are application programs specially designed to perform a set of tasks on small devices like mobile and tablets. Being handy and easy to use they are becoming very popular. Every mobile user is using the mobile app to perform their day to day tasks, learning, entertainment and to access information, product and services. This situation has created a huge demand for mobile application development. Most of the software development companies are now providing Mobile App development services. Earlier the app should be developed natively for a device to obtain ideal performance on a device. The Mobile App development platform includes features such as mobile backend and front-end development tools and management tools for application programming interfaces (APIs). A Mobile App development platform also delivers native, web and hybrid app development facilities,

Mobile App development services are typically divided into three major categories.”
  • iOS App Development Services
  • Android App Development Service
  • Hybrid App Development Services

  • IOS is Apple's mobile Operating system which only runs on an Apple product like the iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. When providing iOS App Development Services, developers do code in native languages such as Swift Programming Language or build cross-platform native applications. Swift is a general-purpose, multi-model programming language developed by Apple. Xcode is also an integrated development environment (IDE) by Apple for developing software for macOS, iOS. IOS Developer can Join theApple Developer Program to connect with customers on the App Store for iPhone and Mac. This program includes access to beta releases, advanced app facilities, and tools required for the development. Android is a widely used operating system in smartphones across the globe. Android App Development Service includes the development of a software application running only on the Android platform. An android app designed with the Android platform is typically built for a smartphone or a tablet running on the Android OS. The language majorly used for Android app development in Java as most APIs Android is designed to be called from Java.

    REST API (Representational State Transfer) is also used which lets programs communicate with each other. REST API created on the server-side is called by the client to communicate. Android Developers use Google API Console to manage project tasks in the API Console.

    Hybrid App Development Services are a mixt or combination of native and mobile web apps. Similar to native apps, they stay in the app store and get the benefit of the various available device features. Hybrid App depends on HTML being delivered in the browser similar to web apps. Hybrid App Development uses CSS, JavaScript, and Mobile JavaScript frameworks technologies. Hybrid apps are also installed in the device and use the app store for distribution, like Native apps. Hybrid development is useful when building apps that require complete device access rather than high-performance. Hybrid App is easy to build, cost-effective, no browser dependency, usually access device feature and take less time to develop.

    Technologies used for Hybrid development are Ionic Framework,PhoneGap, etc. Ionic Framework is an open-source intended mainly on the look and feel of the app interface. React Native is another open-source framework by Facebook used to develop Android, iOS by enabling with native platform capabilities. PhoneGap is another popular open-source technology for cross-platformmobile app development.